Hazienda La Rambla, was founded and formed by a group of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture, marketing and export of Natural, Traditional, Mediterranean foods. These professionals have worked with determination and quality in the development of brands for companies that are now internationally recognized. They are specialists who have always been very committed to the quality of their products and to integrity when doing business.

Working in the long term, Hazienda La Rambla, presents a new way of doing business, seeking to share with professionals and companies from all over the world, its passion for traditional natural foods and its ethical principles.

This new way of doing business involves passionately fulfilling our five basic commandments on a daily basis:

Ethically correct


constant quality

Excellence in services

Competitive prices
wide range



Our mission

“Distribute quality, traditional natural food, produced under processes that preserve the environment, sharing values and profits with the entire chain of consumers, producers, distributors and shareholders, always committed to a social project aimed at those most in need. ”


International presence


International Approach

Since the Company was set up back to 1998, Hazienda La Rambla SL has been focussed on International Sales and Marketing on branded items worldwide due to their founders long experience and know-how on such performance for more than 30 years. Today we are very proud to be present in 5 continents where we get more than 90 pct of our turnover.

Our presence is based on mutual reciprocal exclusiveness agreements with Importer/Distributor on each market who has demostrated strength on sales and distribution of Natural Food Branded items in the market covering Retail and Horeca segments as well as online sales.

If you would like to receive more information to become La Rambla Sole Importer & Distribution agreement in your market, please contact: contact@haziendalarambla.com