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Olive Oil

Possessing excellent antioxidant power due to the quantity of vitamin E, in the form of linoleic acid and tocopherol, in its composition, this characteristic makes it an important fat in the prevention of coronary diseases, and is thus far superior to the oils habitually utilized in the kitchen.

Moreover, with regard to begin an antioxidant agent, the bioflavonoid that is also found in the grape seed extract, has proved to be 20 times more powerful than vitamin C, and 50 times more than vitamin E.

Grape seed oil is emolient, presents hydrating properties, and regenerates and mantains the skin.
Consequently, this oil is recommended for the skin of pregnant woman, as it has been demonstrated to have the power to prevent strias,

Another exceptional quality is its capacity to resist hight temperatures, its smoke point being around 255ºC, wich makes it an excellent option for frying in enclosed places.

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