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Thes genuine Mediterranean dressings are made by infusing La Rambla, Extra Virgin Olive Oil SPECIAL COUPAGE (a perfect fusion of the highest quality extra virgin olive oils from Spain) and La Rambla masterís choice of best natural essences of Garlic, Basil, Chilli Pepper and Lemon.
They deliver a consistent well balanced flavor and taste of each essence whilst providing the goodness of extra virgin olive oil to your health.

Enjoy them:
WHITE TRUFFLE: Grilled and roast beef and meat carpaccio.
GARLIC: Pasta, grilled or barbeque sea food and fish.
BASIL: Pasta, pizza and focaccia bread.
CHILLI PEPPER: Pasta, pizza, grilled and barbeque meats and Mexican dishes.
LEMON: Salads, steamed vegetables, legums, soups and carpaccios.
THYME: Salads, pasta, pizza, grilled and barbaque.
WHITE TRUFFLE: Grilled and roast beef and meat carpaccio.
ROSEMARY: Grilled meats, roast beef and meat carpaccio.
Available Sizes: Glass bottle 500ml

For more detailed information about sizes and logistic data contact : contact@haziendalarambla.com