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Olive Oil

The BEST SELLER of La Rambla! Obtained only by mechanical process, La Rambla Special Coupage results from blending (coupage) of extra virgin olive oils from Spain ‘s four best olives varieties.
It constitutes an extra virgin in a superior category, with a BALANCED FLAVOUR and AROMA , without bitterness, itching, astringency, nor peppery, offering best QUALITY/PRICE ratio in the market.

Exclusive non-refill cap, anti-drop pouring spout device inside the cap.
Special Coupage allows to achieve CONSISTENT quality all year around.
Available Sizes: Glass bottle 20ml
Glass bottle 250ml
Glass bottle 500ml
Glass bottle 750ml
Glass bottle 1 liter
PET plastic bottle 3 liters
PET plastic bottle 5 liters
Plastic drum 25 liters
Lithographed tin 500ml
Lithographed tin 1 liter
Lithographed tin 3,785 liters / 1 Gallon USA

For more detailed information about sizes and logistic data contact : contact@haziendalarambla.com