Olive oil, like good wines, is the product of a long and careful process.
Olive groves are plants that have been cultivated for thousands of years in the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea.
Olives are the fruit of olives and Olive Oil is the fruit extracted from olives. La Rambla, uses only the best harvests to produce the oils that, due to their quality, deserve the name LA RAMBLA.

This oil is the juice obtained by the first pressure of the olives by mechanical methods, either in traditional or modern mills, to obtain an oil with flavor, aroma and low acidity.

La Rambla has many years of experience in the production and selection of the best extra virgin olive oils in Spain, having, perhaps, the world's largest supply of extra virgin olive oils (organic, monovarietal, special coupage, infused)

Certified by BRC, IFS, ISO and enjoying Kosher and Halal quality, and full traceability


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