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A sweet-and-sour vinegar, dark and dense, with shades of aging, the result of the fresh juice of boiled grapes, concentrating their sugar and flavor content.

After this stage, the vinegar proceeds to the aging in a barrel, a process that lasts a minimum of two months. La Rambla Modena Balsamic, are produced in Modena (northern Italy), using the different varieties of grapes from the Emilia Romana region. Its color resembles intense rust, and its fragrance, toast, toasted sweets, dried fruits, and even coffee and stout.

La Rambla Balsamic possesses D+ qualities that guarantee the best aromas, best flavors, the very essence of the best Modena Balsamics.
Available Sizes: Glass bottle 250ml
Glass bottle 500ml
PET plastic bottle 5 liters

For more detailed information about sizes and logistic data contact: contact@haziendalarambla.com

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