Oil production

Producing countries

In the last 10 years, Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Syria/Lebanon have been the outstanding in olive oil production. It is not worth spending time indicating which produces the best olive oil. What matters is to know that all provide high quality olive oils as well as others that are not so good. It is not a question of better or worse soil, climate or agriculturalists, but one of having olives of diverse varieties that result in excellent olive oils while others leave much to be desired. Above all, the important point is to attempt to decipher which olive oils reach the consumers table.

Of the four olive oil producing countries that are most representative among the young consumers of olive oil, we indicate on the site some of the olives that can orient us at the moment of purchasing an olive oil. Although the majority of the olive oils sold are the result of the blending (coupage) of oils extracted from a great range of olive varieties, at the moment of purchase, it is worth trying to discover which olive predominates.

The olives listed on the site are the most commonly used in the olive oils produced in each of these countries. Therefore, having more or less olives does not make a countrys olive oil better or worse. It just means that it possesses more varieties of olives. The experts in degustation of olive oil recommend the Arbequina olives in Spain; the Frantoio in Italy; the Koroneike in Greece; and the Galega in Portugal, as the best in these countries. But these are just recommendations. What counts is each individuals palate.